Q. Would you like to book the car?

You can book the car on our website www.autovia.it  or by writing email to reservations@autovia.it informing us about the dates, place and the car group you would like to rent.

Q. Would you like to chance or cancel your booking?

Write to reservations@autovia.it to cancel or change your booking.

Q. Can I cancel my reservation?

The Customer may cancel the prepaid reservation by sending an email to our booking office at reservations@autovia.it without any penalty, unless the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of collection of the vehicle, in the latter case, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund.

Q. What kinds of documents should I have to rent a car?

Valid driving license (it should be written “driving license” or “permis de conduire”), identity card or passport, credit card of the contract’s holder (we do not accept Diners) and voucher.

Q. Do you require a deposit to rent a car?

Yes, the deposit for small group (A-M-R-B-C-T) is 500€, for the medium group (N-D-L-E-O-F-I-G-S-V) is 700€, for group H is 1500€, for group J and Y is 2500€.

Q. What types of additional coverage can I purchase at the desk?

There are two macro groups of additional coverage that can be purchased at the time of rental at the counter.
These two groups are divided as follows:



The cost of extra coverage vary depending on the duration of the rental.
It is advisable to get the right coverage directly at the rental desk.

Warning: In the regions of Campania, Puglia and Sicily the elimination of the theft excess IS NOT APPLICABLE and, the same, undergoes a variation of 30% more than the standard deductible. It is possible to eliminate the Theft Excess in the regions at risk stipulating the Super Freedom just for some car categories.


The Customer is not guaranteed for damage caused to electromechanical parts, roof, interior, underbody, chassis, vehicle wheels, windows, tarpaulin or bending and collisions without counterpart.
The deposits are the following:

On groups (A-B-C-M-R-T-D-E-F-I-L-N-O-S) with the covers Super Freedom, Freedom, Limited, Easy: € 250,00 + extra.

On groups (G-V-H-J-Y) with the cover Limited: € 700,00 + extra

On groups (D-E-F-I-L-N-O-S) with the cover Easy: € 250,00 + extra

On groups (A-B-C -M-R-T) with or without cover One, One plus, Basic: € 500,00 + extra

On groups (D-E-F-G-I-L-N-O-S-V) with or without cover One, One plus, Basic: € 700,00 + extra

On groups H without cover: € 1500,00 + extra

On groups H with cover Limited, One, One plus, Basic: € 700,00 + extra

On groups J-Y without cover: € 2500,00 + extra

On groups J-Y with cover Limited, One, One plus, Basic: € 700,00 + extra

Q. What should I do in case of an accident?

1) Inform the Lessor without any delay about the accident

2) Fill in all parts the CAI (the report should be signed by both parts) and bring it within 24 hours to the Lessor’s nearest location.

3) Inform the nearest authorities about the accident.

4) Take names, addresses and number plate of every car involved into the accident and personal details of possible witnesses.

5) Provide the Lessor with updated information.

6) Follow the instructions that the Lessor will provide you about the custody of the car.

Q. What should I do in case of the theft?

The Customer is obliged to report about the issue to the appropriate Public Safety Authorities and to deliver to the Lessor certified copy of the report. Together with the report, the Customer is obliged to return the car key as well as the car remote control if the car was equipped. The Customer is obliged to pay 30 days of rental and the full tank of fuel, also in case of undersigning the additional warranties.

Q. Have you got a fine?

If the violation is contested to the Lessor and is attributable to the rental period in question (without the payment by the Customer and the communication to the Lessor), the administrative costs for the practical management equal to Euro 60.00 will be added. VAT included for each report, and € 30.00 including VAT for each missed motorway toll.

If there is an immediate dispute, you can proceed autonomously with the payment and, in this case, notify Autovia via any of the channels (e-mail, p.e.c., fax) attaching the report and the payment made. In this case, nothing will be charged to the Customer.

Q. Got the damage charge?

The Customer is obliged to ask for Lessor’s signature on the rental check-in. Autovia has a tolerance up to 2 cm on the damages on the car body, see example in photo.

In case of missed signature and also in cases of out of working hours’ time drop off, the documentation of Autovia will be tacitly accepted by the Customer.

If the damages were to be found after the Customer’s drop off, Autovia will inform about it the Customer by email with photos and the estimation within 90 days. The Customer has to answer to the letter within 3 (three) days otherwise the Lessor will charge the Customer’s credit card the compensation penalties (damage estimate, accident administrative management fee, Vehicle’s standstill, cost of production of damage estimate, depreciation of the Vehicle).

Q. Can I drive the rented car abroad?

It’s permitted to drive in the following Countries: Germany, San Marino, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands with an extra fee of Eur 20 vat included per day

Q. Can I rent the extra accessories?


Q. Can I return my rental car to a different agency than the one I picked up here?
  • The cost of the drop off in another agency is Eur 73,20 vat included, the drop off to/for Sicily is Eur 305,00 vat included.
  • It is not possible to return the car in Sardinia or abroad.
Q. Can I add a driver?

Yes, it is possible at the cost of Eur 6,00 vat included.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum age to rent a car?

The minimum age is 18 years old and the maximum is 75 years old and are in possession of a valid driving license. An additional fee can be applied: Eur 61,00 vat included for drivers under 24 years.

Q. Can I pick up a car out of working hours’ time?

Out of hours delivery/collection service is available for Eur 36,60 vat included per service. In case the time of pick up is after midnight the service is available for Eur 61,00 vat included. The service is on request.

Q. Would you like to make a claim?

You can write us to complaints@autovia.it . Please, put the number of your booking or rental agreement number as the object of the mail.

Q. Local Rules for road circulation:
  • It is forbidden to use the Clackson in urban areas, except if strictly necessary
  • It shall be prohibited for a driver to use radiotelephone equipment or to use a headset.
    Speakerphone or earphone may be used provided that the driver has adequate hearing ability for both ears and that the use of the hands is not required for their operation.
  • In the cities there are areas of historical relevance in which it is not possible to transit with cars. We invite you to search for “ZTL” (restricted traffic zone) in each location.

Speed Limits

– Urban Areas: 50 km/h (31 mph)

– Secondary urban streets: 90 km/h (56 mph)

– Highways: 130 km/h (80 mph)

– Extra urban streets – freeways: 110 km/h (70 mph)


Any variations will be indicated by the street signals.

In case of extreme meteorological conditions further variations may be indicated by street signals.

Baby/Child Seats – safety belts

  • It is mandatory for all passengers to wear seat belts inside the vehicle.
  • Children weighing less than 9 Kg must travel in baby seats directed to the back of the car and placed exclusively in the back seats.
  • Children under 12 years and of a hight inferior to 135 cm must travel on dedicated child seats or boostes.

Warning: the correct position of the child seat or boosters is the parent’s responsibility or the owner of the rental contract.

Warning: information here reported is merely indicative. We will keep this information as updated as possible but we suggest to verify them before driving in the country. In case you decided to rely solely to this information, it will be your completely responsibility.